Sandown Exhibitors

Show Plan

Exhibitor Listing

Stand Exhibitor Link
A02 The Art of Craft
A04 / A06 Pinflair
A08 Lili Fabrics
B01 Glitz Craft
C01 Tattered Lace
C02 Create and Craft (Broadcast Stage)
F01 Create and Craft
F02 Fantastic Ribbons
G01 Neil the Knit
G03 Emphasize
G05 Flews Group
G06 Rare Earth & Fleurs
H01 Moira C on Tour
H04 Glass Garden Studio
H08 Sewing Clinic with Debbie Shore
K02 Janet Clare
K03 M Rosenberg & Son
L01 Stampin' Up!
L01a Parchment Lace
L02 Mad Hatter Crafts
L03 Honeydoo Crafts
M03 SBP Health
M04 RM Hobbies
M06 Glitter Magic
N01 Kanban Crafts
N02 Ross Papercraft
N05 Happy Dragon Arts
N07 Screen Sensation
N20 Pink Frog Crafts & Cards
P01 The Stamp Hut
P01a JJD Cards
P02 Crafty Devils
P03 The Southampton Bead Shop
P03a Tonertex Foils
P05 MosaiCraft
P09 Jane Elizabeth Confectionery
P10 The Academy Parchment Group
P12 Free Gift Collection Point
P18 Woking Hospice Crafts
P19 BJ Crafts
P20 Bead & Button Bazaar
P24 Stamposaurus
P26 Black Sheep Wools
P31 Dot Com Bags
P32 Hobby Art
P33 LaserSmith
P35 Hot Shot Craft
Q01 The Craft Dookit / Craft Lines
Q04 Sweet Poppy Stencils
Q06 Saxon Crafts
Q07 Cats Protection
Q09 Limetree Craft
R01 Craft Habitat
R03 Nova Whisk
R05 Storage 4 Crafts
S01 Bert & Gert’s Artisan Area